Grand Panorama “Angkor-Age of Prosperity”

Grand Panorama“Angkor-Age of Prosperity”deeply depicts the historical facts of Khmrer Empire, especially in the reign of Jayavarman VII (1181-1220) who is regarded as the greatest king in the Khmer history by the grand epical picture.
It impressively shows the contemporary social aspects of Khmer Empire.
The total length of panorama is 123m,the height is 13m and the length from the view point to the painting is 11m. However,panorama comprises thousands of squ -are kilometers of wide Angkor plain from Phnom Kulen to Tonle Sap Lake,and fully combines the painting and topography. So you will feel like looking down various figures in the vast land of Angkor,on a high hill. Grand Panorama“Angkor-Age of Prosperity” consists of 3 parts“Defense Strategy”, “Construction Strategy” and “Prosperity”. Turning around clockwise, you will enjoy panorama on the stand.

Grand Panorama“Angkor-Age of Prosperity” is a huge work of art, in which more than 45,000 persons are depicted in.  With its size, scale and number of characters, it will go down in history along with Angkor.

“Defending Strategy”(the 1st part)
The first part “Defense Strategy” vividly portrayed heroic fighting scenes of Khmer people, who had repelled foreign aggressors to defend their love for fatherland and national dignity. It also depicted the General Jayavarman VII, the greatest king, who had rallied Khmer nation and smashed the Champa forces, attacked across the Tonle Sap Lake. 


“Construction Strategy” (the 2nd part)

The second part “Construction Strategy” impressively portrayed the process of construction of the Khmer Empire with the image of Jayavarman VII, who was enthroned as the king after the liberation of Angkor and building the Bayon Temple.

“Prosperity” (the 3rd part)

The third part "Prosperity" portrayed an overall view of the Khmer Empire that had developed mysterious and gorgeous civilization on the vast Angkor plain. Majestic-looking Angkor Wat, Baksei Chamkrong, Prasat Bai, Ta Phrom, Prasat Kravan, hospitals, resthouses, library, roads, canals, moats around Angkor Wat, and homes- all these form a perfect harmony. It shows the happy and joyful life in the beautiful image of more than a million people, who brought the prosperous and glorious era.